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Cloud Service

Clover works with the top cloud service providers to deliver network services, infrastructure or business applications in the cloud, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Our experienced team helps you not just understand the cloud, but ensures ease of use with seamless outsource management. It’s important to realize that the economies of scale have decreased the cost of services such as email and Web hosting – and as a result, we work with you to identify where these economies of scale make the most sense, so you can gain the best value.

We also recognize that there are trade offs when migrating to the cloud, including complete control over your network reliability and security. This is where the Clover advantage comes into play, ensuring the recommended cloud service will maximize your security, availability and reliability.

Whether you’re migrating a traditional on premise infrastructure to a data center, COLO or cloud connect services, we’ll support your move, helping to fully prepare your company for the technologies and capabilities of the future. Among our key cloud providers are Rackspace, DataPipe, Amazon, Microsoft and Internap – each maintaining their own unique set of capabilities.

Software-defined Networking

Clover provides much needed expertise to enterprises researching and seeking to deploy software-defined (SD)-WAN solutions. Our team of SDN experts includes solutions engineers trained by our partners in the leading cutting-edge platforms.

Whether appliance based or cloud based, SD-WAN provides robust WANs that deliver superior application uptime and quality of service while unlocking the benefits of MPLS architecture without the cost. It changes a traditional WAN into a simple network, with minimal deployment time. It increases fault-tolerance and performance gains while leveraging commodity connectivity such as Internet circuits that are transformed into an enterprise-class network like MPLS. SD-WAN intelligently understands your network and the Internet or network connectivity to determine the best and most efficient method of moving your data from point A to point B. More than that, it even considers that some data is more important through quality of service.

Clover has become a leader in understanding SD-WAN and the role it plays in major enterprise organizations. Whether appliance based or cloud based, we will help your company find the right SD-WAN solution for your company. Among our top SD-WAN vendors include CloudGenix, Velocloud, Viptela, Cisco iWAN, Bigleaf, Silver Peak, Dispersive and Talari.

Hosted Voice

Clover works with our partners to provide enterprise clients with Voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications and hosted voice solutions that help retire costly legacy voice systems and increase enterprise communications efficiencies. We determine based on cost, application integration needs and hardware preference what solutions will be the best for an organization, offering a seamless transition to the modern generation of voice technology.

Hosted PBX is the staple of phone systems today – and our team will guide your organization on how to implement a hosted solution that eliminates legacy hardware and provides your organization with top quality communications that are both capable and affordable. Hosted Voice PBX technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact, the entire telephone system is operated and maintained by your VoIP service provider, allowing employees to work from home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system. Just like a Fortune 500 telephone system, you can transfer and hold calls with music, set up conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant who can direct callers to different departments.

With Hosted PBX, you can make phone calls using the same broadband connection you use for Business Internet service. Select your phone plan, features and IP phones and let us do the rest. Clover works with multiple partners that deliver the most advanced PBX capabilities in the cloud with easy online administration where you can manage your call preferences and service options.

Data Center, COLO & Cloud Connects

Working across a global set of data center and cloud providers, Clover configures ideal data connection solutions for every type of enterprise infrastructure. Achieving resiliency, redundancy and minimized latency on enterprise networks, we ensure that business-critical data is secure and accessible. Through programs like Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and geographically dispersed design we don’t just prioritize data security, we guarantee it.

Clover’s data center and COLO services consider the full data center lifecycle of strategic planning, implementation and migration, operational optimization and ongoing managed services. We quickly help you develop IT and data center strategy, working with you to architect cloud infrastructures connected to your data center and COLO needs.

Our partner offerings provide selection, coordination and negotiation of carrier and connectivity services for your colocation or data center. We also work alongside your company to implement disaster recovery, migrate applications and ensure that ongoing data center operational services and metrics are met by your selected data center and COLO partners.

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